Fall, Autumn, and so on...

It was cold today. Tonight, at least, when I went on a walk. I needed a sweater, and at some points I'd wished I'd worn shoes rather than sandals. 

I think it's time to accept that our indian summer is coming to a close, and that fall is descending on us. 

Of course, it doesn't seem like fall, really. That might be due in part to our bomb-shelter basement. No really, it is. With some very small windows and the low ceilings. 

I finished three books in the last week or so. They were all very sad. So then I started reading another book, but it's an autobiography, so I'm hoping it's not as sad. It's not as funny as Bossypants, though. 

This week seems to be dragging on. Monday was a good day. I got out and got some things done. Yesterday was rough. I didn't get anything done. 

Today I got things done. I faxed some things and deposited a cheque. Then {and this is the most important part} I bought a cupcake and an italian soda. I love italian sodas. Nothing bad can happen when you're drinking one.  And the best part is, I just found a place downtown that sells them. Now I have sodas within walking distance. 

I started embroidering things lately. For a while I wanted to make friendship bracelets, which I did for a while, but then I turned to stitching. I used to do it when I was younger, and I really liked it. It feels good to be doing something with my hands again. 

Now if only I was writing as much as I was stitching. But my life is so boring now, it's hard to come up with new inspiration or really be motivated to do things. 

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