"Live Blogging" My Workday

I should start with this: I have no idea what live blogging actually is. Do you sent out multiple posts in a day? An hour? Do you just write it all down, then publish it as one big bundle of thoughts? Who knows. With that being said, sometimes I think of clever things while I'm supposed to be working. This is good, except these thoughts never relate to what I'm writing about. For some reason, I've decided to write them here. 

*Writing about fences is too hard. Plus, now 'fence' is starting to not look like a real word. 

*Writing about sushi is a lot easier 

*I need a break. Let's go light the fall candle I just bought. 

*Fall, fall faaaaaallllll. Lovely fall. Oh it smells so good. 

*Now it just smells like the craft store. 

*I need a snack. 

*I've only done two articles today. I really need to do some more. At least two. Maybe just one. Or maybe I'll just be done for the day. Or forever. 

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