The Bees in my Brain

My thoughts are like bees. Each one is fat and slow, and makes a little buzzing noise. Mostly they just float around the garden of my brain, rarely being a bother. But every once in a while, something happens, and they get stirred up, and start buzzing louder and coming closer, and then I actually have to stop and look at them. Once I start looking, I can't stop. I watch them go around and around, coming close to me all the time. I don't get stung very often, but when I do, the thought stays with me for a long while. 

The bees don't like it when you try to organize them. They don't line up nice and neat. And they all want your attention all the time. When you start focusing on just one, the rest fly in and try to take over. The only way to take care of them is to write down what they're trying to tell me. From there, oh, anything can happen. 

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