How I Spent My Summer Vacation

It's been a long, wonderful summer. I've taken several trips, eaten too many snow cones, and had one bad sunburn. I should probably also mention that I started a new job in May. But I don't really have any pictures of that. 

It started with my brother's wedding back in June. 

I think this was our first picture together since NYC

Then I got a new phone. And took my first selfie. 

Dum de dum de dum. Coming home from work. 

And we went to Bear Lake for a long weekend. 

The beach

Sunset in Bear Lake 

In July we went back to Southern Alberta for a family reunion. 

Alfalfa fields in my parent's backyard

Luke and a kitty!

Hiking break in Waterton

My favourite sister!

We went back to Bear Lake in August for more family shenanigans. 

Beach photo!

At the secret lake, pointing at the future location for our dream summer home

The last weekend in August, Luke and I went on a picnic up Provo Canyon. And I learned how to use the panorama feature on my phone. 

Almost-eaten picnic

Valley selfie

My first successful panorama! I moved from left to right...

I'm still in denial that summer is ending. 

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