Boring No Longer

I've complained in the past about my boring life. I can't complain about that anymore. Allow me to fill you in.

6 pm: Reynold's dinner group (courtesy of Michael Zhang, my favourite Aussie).
7 pm: Institute with the stake. Yay friends! Yay spiritual nourishment for the week!
9 pm: Random late night slurpee run. Thanks Kyle!

5 pm: Grocery shopping with Lauren. Took advantage of the amazing sale on ice cream. And oranges.
6 pm: David comes over!! Attempt made to have Nate-dawg and Brennan join us. No luck.
6:30 pm: get pizza from Papa John's. Most amazing pizza ever!! (not counting homemade).
8:30 pm: Dance on campus. Met up with old friends, made some new ones. The old ones are still friends. The new ones disappeared....
12 am: crash into bed.

9:30 am: Wake up, rather zombie-like. Start getting ready for the day.
10:30ish am: Alex De Montigny comes over to visit.
11:30ish am: Go shopping. Bring along De Montigny. Get asked if I want to share a fitting room with him. Awkward eye glances. "Did you want two rooms?" "Yes please". Buy cute shorts (yay!). Trip to the Disney store. Trip to the ring store :)
2:30 pm: Back home, hang out with De M. Michael Zhang graces us with his presence. Spend rest of afternoon deep in awesome conversation.
6 pm: Lauren and I get dinner from Cafe Rio and visit Red Box-Twilight, Last Chance Harvey, and Bride Wars. Girls night much?
11 pm: crawl into bed exhausted, though did nothing all day.

9:25 am: church
2 pm: Home teachers come over. Awesome spiritual experience. LOVE having preisthood holders in my home!
4 pm: continue with movies from night before (Last Chance Harvey. SO GOOD). Interupted at...
5 pm: by De Montigny. More excellent conversation. He stays for the end of the movie.
7:30ish pm: Put in Bride Wars. Too much chick flick for De Montigny. He heads out.
9:30 pm: all done with movies! Head out in the pouring rain to return them and avoid late fees.
10 pm: again crawl into bed, sooooo tired.

9:30 am: up, and somewhat functional. Brainstorm with Lauren for plans for the day. Breakfast at Tanner's, to celebrate Lauren's birthday. Have most awesome french toast EVER. Eat way too much.
11 am: Anthony and De Montigny come over, we play the 'dice game', make plans to have a BBQ and pool party. Text-vitations are sent out. Many respond, but few are coming.
2 pm: grocery shop for much needed BBQ supplies
2:30 pm: BBQ!!!!!
4 pm: Pool party!!!!!!
7 pm: FHE. Beach volleyball. No skills, but fun nonetheless.
10:30 pm: home, pray for a restful day, crash in bed.

Tuesday (aka, LAUREN'S DAY OF BIRTH)
9 am: work.
1 pm: more work. Blegh.
4 pm: no more work! Get ready for Lauren's birthday dinner.
6:30 pm: (after many, many wardrobe changes) Dinner at Macarroni Grill. Ecclectic group, but so much fun!
8:30 pm: Tanner invites us to fly kites. We say yes. Realize after we've agreed that we're both in dresses. Oops.
9 pm: Lauren attacks Tanner with his own kite.
9:20 pm: I attack a lamppost with Tanner's kite. Internally thank random stranger for climbing the pole and rectifying the situation.
9:40 pm: head home. Realize that we'll never be invited to fly kites with Tanner again. Sigh.
10:30 pm: finally home and in bed. Realize that I have one day of rest, before the social activities begin again.


  1. Love you. Miss you. Wish I could partake in your random adventures, but then again, I don't. :)

  2. lol breanne.

    packed...and getting more so? yeah!

  3. oh. The second thing happened while I was texting Mike in the library. haha

  4. Bre, you know you want in on my adventures.... ;)

    Steven, yes, even more packed. And what second thing? I don't follow...

  5. the second thing i mentioned (where you catch someone staring at you) happened while I was texting mike in the library. haha