Friday's Musings

So, it's nearly the end of my first official week of summer in Provo. As I look back over this vast stretch of time, I realize that I've learned much over the past few days.

1. Living on my own is lovely, and I can't wait to graduate from BYU, and have my own studio apartment.

2. People on campus are much more friendly and outgoing than they were two weeks ago in the middle of finals. New friends, here I come!

3. I have discovered that I was born to be a hero, I'll meet my spouse at the grocery store, I'll marry a Scott, I'm a hippie, I'm going to fall in love with the tough guy, and my inner rock goddess is Harriet Wheeler (thanks, Facebook!).

4. Sunscreen. ALWAYS.

5. Life likes to through curve balls. It's a good think I'm basically pro at baseball.

6. I have some amazing friends, and I love them with all my heart.

1 comment:

  1. you aren't exactly living on your own....unless you're referring to the few days you were home alone. where are your roommates anyway? lol.