Canada Day

In honour of my country's day of birth (July 1, 1867), I hereby make a list of all the wonderful things about it. (Shush, it's late. I don't care)

1. My family lives there.
2. Universal health care.
3. Aero, Coffee Crisp, Smarties, and Caramilk.
4. Friendly, nice, happy people.
5. The Littlest Hobo.
6. Simple Plan and Sum 41.
7. Kilometers and kilometers of non-populated space.
8. Timmy Ho's.
9. Representation by population government.
10. Saving the environment, saving the seals, saving the polar bears, saving the Americans... oh wait, what was that last one?


  1. yay for number 2!!

  2. Canada. haha. sorry. no, its wonderful. wonderful people live there. :)