Temporary Hiatus

Well, my dear blogging community, tomorrow I am off to the Seattle area for a family reunion. I'm so excited to go and see my family!!!! I probably won't have internet access, but I'll fill you in after I get back. Try not to miss me too much while I'm gone. Oh, and feel sorry for me, when I wake up at 4 tomorrow in order to catch my 8am flight out of Salt Lake. That's just an ungodly time of day, if you ask me.


  1. Two things.
    1 I can't miss you. I've already left.
    2 I don't feel sorry for you. I did that twice this month. :P

  2. You could probably get away with leaving Provo at 6. Salt Lake isn't that busy...an hour in advance should be plenty.

  3. Have fun in Seattle, ya bugger. I miss you already...but that's because you'll be even further than you already are from me.