Lizzy's Farewell

I just got back from Liz's farewell. It was interesting, I've never been to a farewell for a sister missionary before. But I know that she's going to be awesome! She seems so prepared, and has such a deep love for the gospel. She's going to be great in Washington.

Her farewell was quite an adventure, though. I have some excellent stories. First, let me point out that I traveled north with some great guys: Tanner, Darren "D-Money", and Chris. LOVED IT. Those guys are great, and it was really interesting to watch them interact. Oh boys.

Second, we totally stole some family's bench during sacrament meeting. They came in, and stared at us. We didn't move. They relocated to the bench in front of us. For all I know, we upset the equilibrium of the entire ward. Oops. The family, though was super cute. During the meeting, the youngest girl, probably about 2, started crying. Both parents were out with other children, so that left the oldest boy in charge, he was about 15. He picked her up and held her and cuddled her until she stopped. It was FREAKING adorable!! Boys like that melt my heart instantly. Too bad he's so young.

Third, it was so funny, Liz ended up talking for the whole meeting. I mean, from the close of sacrament, to the time when we'd start singing the closing song. Normally not a huge deal, right? Well, her younger brother Lance was supposed to speak after her..... Sacrament meeting went a little long today. But both of them did a great job.

Finally, lunch at Liz's place was so fun. More hang out time with the boys, plus I ran into Tyne! She and I got lots of time to catch up, and hang out (and eat Canadian chocolate). We were hoping to have lots of time with Liz, but we couldn't, since she had so much family there. Oh well. We did get some time though, and I even got a hug out of her!!!! I held on a little too long, just enough to make her squirm, because I know that's what Breanne would have done.


  1. Ash, 15 year old boy? seriously? oh. I forgot. You're the exception to the "202 Younger Boys" rule. haha.

    And the part about liz taking the entire sacrament meeting? hilarious!!

    yeah, i told Liz that I was so excited for her that i could almost hug her. hahaha. I think I'm breaking out of that habit though. I'm so jealous of her.

  2. Oh, it was such a good day!! I wish you could have been there. But you were partying up in Nauvoo. So I suppose I'll just have to deal.

    Yes, a 15 year old. Don't be surprised.

    And I got TWO hugs from Liz!! That's right, be jealous.

  3. I'm jealous you got two hugs. I miss my Lizzy! I'm so jealous because you were in my hood too. That's like getting five hugs from Lizzy. And you saw my Tyners.

    She would take up the whole meeting....hahaha

  4. I wish I could have done both. In that aspect, I get ambitious.

    And yeah I'm jealous. So very jealous. =(

    and yeah, Liz would! haha