Well, I was going to write a rather depressed post, but I just got back from a run...so I don't feel all Debbie Downer any more. Instead, I'll write about my summer stats, and save the sad post for another day. 

Culinary Skills: Intermediate 
-chocolate cake
-cinnamon coffee cake
-lemon meringue pie 
-post roast 

Organizational Behavior: Beginner 
-bedroom half organized 
-multiple laundry loads done 
-half of belongings still in living room 

Health: Intermediate
-short distance runs: 2 
-movement to vegetarian diet 

Writing Abilities: Intermediate 
-short stories: 1 
-short screenplays started: 6
-short screenplays completed: 0
-film festivals entered: 0 

Mental Library Aquired: Literate 
-"The Loner" by An Author I'm Too Lazy To Look Up 
-currently reading: "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Magician's Nephew" by C. S. Lewis 

Love and Romance: Warrior 
-summer flings: 0
-breakup recovery status: 68% complete 

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