My question of the week...

Last night my mom and I watched my favourite movie, 13 Going on 30. Ok, ok, ok, my favourite chick flick. I think it's my favourite because of the awkward teenage/1980s moments. They make me cringe, and I love them. Also, because it's just a cute movie. I've never thought of it as anything more though; I've never taken it seriously. But yesterday, as I was engaged in the film (because that's what good filmmakers do), I noticed some dialog spoken by Matt, the male lead in the film.


You don't always get the dream house,   
but sometimes you get awfully close. 

And in this moment, he's about to go off and marry the wrong girl, clearly indicating that he's not in love with his almost wife, he loves Jenna, the star of the movie. But he chooses to settle for second best. 

When you can see what's right in front of you, that thing/person/dream job/whatever, that is your 'dream house', why would you ever settle for anything less than that? 

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