The Oddest Post I've Ever Written (and it's not even clever)

This is the fourth post I've started today. I just can't figure out what I want to say. Maybe it's because I'm just feeling all mixed up, and I don't know where to start. Or maybe because it's late.  In any case, there's a bunch of stuff on my mind (as per usual). I wish my brain had a better way of storing stuff. It could organize it like a library: by genre, author, title, etc. Or, it could do it chronologically. Or, like in iTunes, and list things by how often you think about them. Anything would be better than it's current system: think about everything all at once so that everything is all swirled together. Because that system makes my brain hurt. What have I been thinking about, that causes all this confusion? In no particular system of organization: 

-I'm hungry. Probably because I had a doughnut for dinner. 
-I'm not very comfortable in this chair. 
-I shouldn't be so passive-aggressive all the time. 
-Maybe I should have stayed in Provo for the summer. 
-I wish I was on set right NOW. 
-Making a movie is so much work, I'm never going through that again. 
-Hmmm, I just found out a bunch of film friends have blogs and update them regularly. Maybe I should tell them I've been stalking their, that would be creepy. 
-Maybe they'll be okay with my creepiness. 
-Why can't I ever tell people how I feel? 
-I'm going to London if I have to hide in a crate with a Bengal tiger. 
-Do I even know what I'm feeling? 
-Where do all these thoughts COME from? 
-Is it too late to have dinner? 
-The tiger would eat you, stupid. 

I'm still not happy with this post. I haven't been able to say what I want to in a sneaky, camouflaged, metaphorical way. So I didn't say it at all. 

I wish I had your skills. 

I wish I knew what you meant. 

1 comment:

  1. haha, nope. it wasn't you. :)

    btw, I don't like days like the one your blog post is talking about. I know what you mean. I usually end up writing down everything and tucking it away. for some reason, writing stuff down means i don't have to store it in my brain anymore.