The Proposal

Alright friends, as promised, here is my very own proposal story. Be warned, it's long. 

Really, it all began a few weeks ago, when we went to Luke's house for the weekend. While we were there I spotted his skateboard, and thought that learning how to board would be a fun date idea. So we brought it back with us. 

A few days later, we talked about how to celebrate Valentine's Day. Last year we did kind of a traditional thing, so this year I wanted to do something a little different. So I suggested we go skateboarding. And then maybe see a movie and get some dinner.  He thought that sounded like a great idea. So it was planned. 

Monday (V-Day) comes around, and since he and I are both in school, we had to get that out of the way.  He comes and picks me up around 4, and I'm still deciding what to wear. I don't want to look like a loser in front of the skate park kids. So I find something and we take off. Luke did some research on where the closest skate park was. Turns out it's in Sandy, which is a good 20 minutes up the freeway. We take off. And we talk and laugh the whole time. And he tells me he's planned a little picnic, which makes me happy. We only got lost once trying to find it. When we get there, there are people everywhere. And shy little me doesn't want to be watched as I learn how to do this. So we head off down the sidewalk. 

Just so we're all clear, I suck at skateboarding. Luke was so patient with me. But I'm horrible.  He was good at it, though. So after some practise, he went and tried a few tricks in the park. And he did really well. Once he'd had enough we headed off for the picnic. Which he tells me is going to be at the Oquirr Mountain Temple. Now up until this point, I figured it was just another Valentine's. But say 'picnic' and 'temple', and you can't help but figure that something's coming. I didn't say anything though, in case that wasn't what he had planned.

We got lost trying to find it, but we got there eventually. We get out of the car, and he pulls out two bottles of Sobe (our favourite drink) and two cupcake boxes from my favourite cupcake place.  We go and find a place to have our picnic. The rest went something like this: 

Luke: "Here, this box is yours"

Ashleigh: "Okay" *what if I really wanted the other one?*

I open the box. There's a cupcake, and a little black velvet box. 

A: "There's a box in my box."

L: "Yeah"

A: "Can I open it?"

L: "Yeah"

I open the second box. Inside is a beautiful sparkly ring. 

L: "Will you marry me?"

A: "Yes!"

And I didn't even cry! Okay, maybe I cried a little. We sat there for a while, and I stared at my hand. Then ducks flew overhead, so it was pretty much the perfect moment. Eventually it got too cold and to dark to keep staring at my ring, so we went and got back in the car, and went out for pizza. 

It was the perfect day, the perfect proposal, and the perfect man. I'm so happy. 

P.S. That red velvet cupcake with chocolate frosting was the most delicious cupcake ever. 


  1. A few notes:
    1. I'm sure there are skate parks closer than sandy. But google earth didn't tell me about them.
    2. When she says that I 'tried a few tricks' on the skate board, she means that I tried to go down a ramp. And when she says that we left the skate park once I'd 'had enough,' she means that I hurt myself.
    3. I really really love her.

  2. Congrats, Ashley! (And Luke - you got yourself a keeper!) I'm didn't even know you had a blog, so I'm glad you posted this on facebook! Good luck with wedding plans, and just try to enjoy it!

  3. whoa. luke can skate???? i never knew that!

    and congratulations once again!

  4. Ashleighghghghghgh I love you! Luke, nice work. You guys are great. Congrats.