Bond 23

Continuing on with my very recent trend of counting down to my wedding using popular movie titles...
This one comes from the as-yet untitled James Bond film, due 2012, starring Daniel Craig. Hey, it was the first film that came up in my search for films starting with 23. So there. 

Also continuing with trends, let's do a little final countdown, shall we? 

9 days until my next shower (hosted by Luke's aunts)/trip to Bear Lake
13 days until Luke is done with the semester 
14 days until we can move in to our first apartment together
15 days until we leave for Canada 
16 days until our reception #1 
17 days until my 23rd birthday (yay!) 
19 days until I go to the temple
19 days until we head back to Idaho
21 days until family comes down to join us
22 days of singleness
23 days until the wedding (as previously mentioned) 
32 days until I begin my last semester of college ever! 

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