To be Carefree

You know, I've never really wished I was someone else. There have been times when I've been envious of what other people were doing with their lives - the opportunities that seemed to fall into their laps, the friends or fashion they had. But I always noticed the struggles they had. And those were struggles that I didn't want. 

As I'm getting older, and finding myself in grown-up situations, I am finding myself wishing I was someone else. But not someone else entirely. I want to be me, just a younger version. I want to go back to when I was 9, and the biggest challenge I faced was whether I would go swimming on Sunday. Or 14, and my best worry came from whether I'd have any friends to hang out with at my first stake dance. Heck, I'll take freshman year of college all over again, despite wondering where my life is going and if I'll still be friends with all these people. 

I'm not saying that my life is bad now. Quite the opposite. I have many wonderful blessings. But sometimes, it would be nice to set aside my cares, and go back in time. Just for a while. 

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