The One Where Ash Gets Snarky

Now, those of you who know me in real life, know that I can be a patient person (most of the time). But I need to get one thing straight. 

If you ask super dumb questions, I will mock you silently. And then bring it up with someone who will appreciate the hilarity of your dumbness. 

This goes triple on the internets. 

Allow me to explain. I was puddling around the internets just now, and found a recipe for frosting. I love cupcakes, and I love finding ways to make them more delicious. So I read the recipe. It's pretty much how I make my frosting now, only made with cream instead of milk (poor college girl can't afford any cream). So I read through it, then moved on to the comments, because for some reason, I do that sometimes. 

And there were so many dumb questions. Like, "what is icing sugar?" and "how much is a cup of butter?" and "is this frosting for a cake?". Really. For reals, homeboy, there are people out there who doing know that icing sugar is for making......icing. Which is known as frosting. Or that a cup of butter is.....a cup of butter. If you don't know, use the Google. If you have to ask about frosting for a cake, you should probably step away from the KitchenAid now. 

I'm not sure if I'm more amused, or afraid of how society is progressing. 


  1. So I totally would have been confused by "icing sugar" it...powdered sugar? That's what I generally use to make frosting...

  2. Kehe…for a Canadian like myself…this is hilarity at its finest….ahhh icing, cups, butter…..

  3. Got to LOVE some people, they can make people like you and I feel so intelligent it's embarrassing. I never knew that modern woman could make Icing into something so complicated.