Autumn and Lists

I suppose with Labour Day nearly over, that means that fall is upon us. I am struggling to say goodbye to summer, so in an effort to get excited about the changing of the seasons, here is a list of happy autumn things:

1. I can start to wear all my sweaters again.
2. I can wear my scarves, too.
3. Apple cider
4. Tights and leg warmers.
5. Boots. I finally bought a pair of boots and I'm very excited to wear them.
6. Anything knitted.
7. Fluffly blankets
8. The return of all my favourite TV shows.

And now, here's a list of all the things I've been loving lately:

1. Owls. I know they're in vogue right now, but they are so adorable.
2. Elephants.
3. Penguins. Okay, so I've always loved them.
4. 1940s anything. It's my new favourite decade. I also still love the 60's, don't worry.
5. Lists. I've always loved those too.
6. Finding recipes. I'm addicted.

Also, I love the husband. Furthermore, I'm not calling him "hubby". Blech. Nor "hubs".

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