Odds and Ends

A whole month of marriage. Done and gone. And we still like each other. So I take it that's a pretty good thing. I've managed to keep us fed, prevent the house from looking like a tornado hit it (most days, anyway), and I'm still keeping up in school. 

For some reason, it never fails. I have so many things to write about here, or somewhere at least, and the next thing I know, my mind is a blank canvas. 

I should get back to writing a treatment. But I'm hungry. And the internets are so fun.  And for some reason, the story isn't as exciting to me as it used to be. But I don't want to start over completely from scratch. So there we are. 

I have a fun announcement for later. But not now, because it deserves it's own post. And no. I'm not preggers. If you thought that before reading the rest of the paragraph, you owe me a cupcake. For reals. 

Facebook changed AGAIN. I'd complain, but I think by now we're all used to the fact that it keeps going through inane changes, and we have to spend more time there in order to figure it out. Although it does have me considering deleting it. I was going to do that once I'd graduated, and I thought about doing it after I got married. But I think for reals I'll do it right before the kids start coming. I mean, I'm not thrilled about putting pictures of my offspring online, especially on the creeper-site. And I don't want a bunch of people I only kind-of know looking at them and commenting. And I'm really not getting them a Facebook. I read somewhere that 1 out of 16 kinds under 5 (or something) have a Facebook account. That's ridiculous. 

I wish there was a place to get cupcakes on campus. 

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