Book: The Devil Wears Prada

Technically, this one isn't from my reading list (which you can take a look at by clicking on the "Summer Reading List" link on the right), but I've seen the movie, and I wanted a quick fun read. Well, if you count nearly 400 pages as quick. 

The writing style was fantastic. I was drawn in right away. The main character, Andrea (known as Andy), gets a job working for the editor of the world's best fashion magazine. As it turns out, her boss is....unpleasant. Demanding might be a better word. So the story starts out with Andy running her errands and failing miserably. In fact, most of the story is about Andy failing miserably. Not because she's incompetent, but because she works for a demanding woman in a demanding industry that she does not like, nor does she care for it. After months of enduring, Andy up and quits during a fashion show. The book ends with her making amends with her family (whom she has ignored since starting her job), her best friend/roommate (whom she has ignored since starting her job), and breaking up with her boyfriend (whom she has get it). 

I found the ending to be rather refreshing. The story finishes without Andy in her dream job. She is also spending time with her family, and repairing her relationship with her best friend. What she is not doing, is getting back together with her boyfriend.  

Final verdict: Fun read, even though it was a lot of pages. But I didn't like it enough to recommend it to anyone. 

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