Extreme Makeover: Desk Edition

Here I am, organizing my desk. A task that should have been done when Luke and I first moved in. Alas, I put things on shelves and called it good. Since I'd actually like to use the desk, I figured it's time to get things together. 

Perhaps I should explain how I organize. First, I sit around all day and eat all my leftover Christmas treats. Then, I browse through Pinterest, looking for "inspiration".  When the guilt gets to be too much, I get up and decide to actually do some organizing. 

So I turned on the Russian State Symphony Orchestra. They have amazing versions The Beatle's hit songs (which was like, all of them. Which means that I have like, 53 songs). 

Then I look at all the pictures I gathered online, so I can perhaps shape my stuff into some kind of order. Here's what I'm kind of going for: 

I don't mind if my space has lots of things. I just want the little things put a way and a designated shelf space for everything. Because right now, it looks like this: 

And I promise I'll post pictures once it's  done. 

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