Book: The Hours

I read this in just a few days. Despite being a Pulitzer Prize winner, it's not very long. 

My verdict? It's very good. 

It focuses on three women from different eras, and how they all relate to each other though the power of literature. 

I think what I liked best was that it focused on one day, and showed how each woman lived through that day. It felt very real. Nothing show-y or overwritten. No unnecessary drama. It was just simple and clean.  

One of the characters is Virginia Woolf, who I don't know a whole lot about, but who I admire very much. Her story really came alive for me, what her life had been like, what kind of a person she was. 

I would highly recommend this to those who are lovers of drama. Although, note that this is not necessarily a "beach read" (it's not sappy or a romance, typical of "beach reads"). You can read it on the beach if want, though. I won't tell you what to do. 

P.S. I hope it doesn't bother anyone that I don't write my book reviews as a school book report. I use choppy paragraphs and fragmented sentences. I use words that aren't exactly academic. I probably spell words wrong.  But I know that this is just a blog, a space where I also show pictures of funny cats and talk about my new jeans. So you're not really expecting an eloquent piece about what I'm reading. If it does bother you, let me know, and I will write you a 2-3 page paper, with sources, about the book I read. In return, I expect payment in cookies or lip gloss. 

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