Top 5: Delicious Things

So I just had a brilliant idea. I have so many ideas on Pinterest, and some are so lovely, that I'll share them here. I've got several boards, so I'll pick my top five from each, and maybe someone somewhere will be inspired. 

I figured I'd start with the first board I've got: Delicious Things.  Basically, here are the top five recipes I want to try, but haven't yet, for one reason or another. 

P.S. Click under each picture to visit the website I found it from.  

1. Deep Dark Chocolate Cookies. I look at this about once a week and think "I should make those". But I never do. Maybe someday. They don't look that hard to make. 

2.  Homemade Cafe Rio. I love eating there, but can't afford to do it every day. Plus, this way, there would be leftovers of monumental proportions! 

3. Roasted Red Pepper Pasta. Looks so delicious, and sounds like fun to make. I just keep forgetting to buy peppers when I go to the store. 

4. Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Pretzel Cookies. I know. It sounds like a lot of ingredients. But for reals, look at how delicious! Also, I think it should be spelled 'pretzle'. Just sayin'. 

5.Blackberry Mint Lemonade. I think it looks really pretty and kind of fancy. And I bet it tastes amazing. So that's why it's on the list. 

So there you have it, my top five delicious things to try.  Agree with the Top 5? Disagree? Have your own 5 to share? 

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