Movie: One for the Money

Starring: Katherine Heigl,  Jason O'Mara
Directed by: Julie Ann Robinson 

Plot: Newly unemployed Stephanie gets a job working at her cousin's bail bond business. She desprately needs money, so starts off taking the hardest job, bringing in a police officer accused of murder. She's terrible at the job, but through help of family, friends, and Ranger, she gets the guy. 

Okay, was that cheesy enough? Sorry. But the story was a bit cheesy. The girl needs a job, her dodgy cousin gets her one as a bondswoman, she's kind of terrible at it, and her first assignment is bringing in a cop? Who she dated back in high school? Oh and did I mention that this takes place in Jersey, so everyone has really think, awkward accents? 


Overall, it was entertaining. There were comedic relief moments, and some pretty serious moments, which I felt were nicely balanced. I'm not entirely sure what category this would be, because it wasn't a romantic comedy, but I felt like it was too funny to be a drama.  Perhaps a dramedy, if you'll allow it. 

The characters were fairly developed, which was nice.  I did feel like there were a lot of unnecessary characters. Her parents for instance, play a huge role at the start of the film, but are never mentioned again after the first third of the movie. Same with her best friend, who she calls several times at the start, but doesn't mention again later on. 

My favourite part was watching as Stephanie (Heigl) really stepped up and took on her role as bondswoman when things mattered the most.  It was refreshing to watch a female character take things in to her own hands and get them done. 

Overall it was a great little film. I doubt it'll be up for any Oscars next year, but I think it's definitely worth a watch or two. 

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