On Display

It's amazing how once you start cleaning something out, you realize that you didn't really need as much as you were holding on to. 

Like drawers of socks. Suddenly, you have so many mismatched socks. 

And email folders. Suddenly, you've been carrying around tons of emails from classmates trying to set up study groups from Psych 101. 

Cleaning out my email today was very cathartic. It made me realize that there's a whole lot of little things in my life that I don't really need. So I'm cutting back. I'm decluttering. Everything has got to go! 

Along with that, I've found that there's no use in holding on to things that you like if you never see them. That's why I've started making a memory book out of my London collections.  And hanging things up on my walls, putting pictures into frames. Collecting things does no good if no one sees them. Especially if you aren't seeing them. 

I suppose, in a sense, that's why I'm writing here still. It's a place to showcase my life and my writing. 

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