Top 5: My Future Home

I titled this board "My Future Home" because they are all ideas that I would love to have now. I'm not saving them for a "dream house" or for "someday". They are for turning houses into homes. But because I lack any kind of budget, they are for the future. 

1. A Laundry Space. I love the colour on the walls, the space saving washer/dryer, and a place to store all the laundry things. Plus, that ironing board. 

2. Lovely beachy room. I love those colours. 

3.  I want to live here. Now, I know the photo has a lot of contrast going on. But I love the turret and the little mini balconies everywhere. Inside I imagine all the little rooms common in Victorian houses. 

4. I have wanted one of these in my bedroom for as long as I can remember.

5. A stunning kitchen. I love how open it feels. 

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