Last Year's "Resolutions"

I meant to check in a bit more throughout the year on how I was keeping up with my goals. I might have, here and there, but not to the point I thought I would. So I'm going to do one big recap now, and then later on today I'll post my new goals for 2014. Here's the original post I made last year, if you want to check it out. 

The goal was: Be a better friend 

My success: not as good as I'd hoped, but better than nothing. I kept in touch with some friends, met up with others in real life, and called/emailed/Facebooked a few more. I even had some friends and family come for visits. However, I didn't put as much effort into it as I would have liked. 

The goal was: Be healthier 

My success: overall, pretty good. I joined the local gym, and I go at least once or twice a week. I increased my endurance as well as my lifting ability. I also increased my water consumption. I didn't lose the weight like I wanted, but I did gain some muscle. 

The goal was: Try one new recipe a week 

My success: not as good as I'd hoped. In fact, I kind of forgot about this one. I did try some new recipes, but I didn't document my progress at all. The best thing I tried was BBQ bacon grilled cheese sandwiches, which I adapted from Iowa Girl Eats {I just left off the chicken}. Or maybe it was the blueberry lemon yogurt cake. I think the worst thing was the two ingredient "cookies". You just mash bananas up and stir in chocolate chips, then bake them. They turned out like little rubber banana balls. So gross. 

The goal was: Be more creative 

My success: I'm pleased with how well this went. I did some embroidery, I made some artwork to hang in our house, and I learned how to cross stitch. I even tried a bit of sewing. And I made over a small hutch into a jewelry holder. So yes, 2013 was nice and creative. 

The goal was: Travel 

My success: A+. In March I went home for my brother's mission homecoming. In May we went to Northern California for my cousin's wedding. We almost made it to Goblin Valley in Southern Utah. We drove up to Barnwell in August and took a day trip to Waterton while we were there. We went to Bear Lake multiple times, and finished the year off with a back-and-forth between BL and Barnwell. So yes. That went incredibly well.  

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