Our Apartment

I probably should've shared this back in January, but I figured I'd wait until now. Just because. Here's what our apartment looked like. Granted, it seems a bit bigger than most NYC apartments. But since we were living in Queens, rather than Manhattan, housing was a bit cheaper. Also, please note the size of that kitchen. 

This was the view out of our living room window. I took this back in Januaury, at the height of the polar vortex. It was terribly cold. 

Our tiny bathroom. At least we had a full sized shower. 

The living room/dining room/office {desk on the right}. Yes, we used the couch in it's "futon" position. Otherwise, it was way too narrow to sit on comfortably.

Facing back the other way. You can see the kitchen off on the left. 

Our bedroom. We had two beds, a queen and a double. So we slept in one, and used the other {smaller} one as a dresser. We lived out of our suitcases the entire time. 

Kitchen, part one. Despite it's small size, it was hard to get the whole thing in one shot. Note how much counter space we had. 

Kitchen, part 2. Little stove, little fridge, both very blurry. Sorry. 

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