July Recap

Almost caught up! July was the busiest month of the year. 

We spent the first week visiting my family in Canada. We even made it in time for Canada Day fireworks! It's been years since I've been home for that. 

Look, it's a maple leaf! Sort of.

Turns out iPhones can handle fireworks pretty well

I woke up to this sweet face every morning

Took this awesome photo with my faves


After a week in Canada we set off to Idaho. Luke went backpacking with his family, while I hung out at home with his mom. We worked on crafts and tried new recipes. He had a good time, even though they came back early because it rained the whole time. 

Two days after getting back from our adventures, we headed off again, this time for a work trip. We rented a cabin up by Park City. Turns out a lot easier to talk about timelines and project management when you look out the window and see this: 

So, story time! The work trip wraps up, and finally, we're back and settled into our routine again. Then we get a call from our landlord. They want to sell the condo we've been living in for a year and half. So we figure it'll be a couple of months. False. It look a week. So we had to find a new place. And we think we found one we really like! Further updates in the next post. 

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