May Recap

I'm so far behind, but I'm working on catching up! With 4 months of recaps, plus random thoughts to write about, plus some fall goals, I have a lot to say. So I'm just going to dive in. 

May was the first month all year that I didn't get to see someone in my immediate family. There was a wedding lull, I guess. But we did make it up to Bear Lake to see Luke's side of the family and celebrate his birthday! 

Luke and his birthday/graduation blanket 

Probably his favourite present ever. The clock parts came from his grandpa's "junk pile", and his dad helped him make the shelf from marine wood

And here's Rufus the lap dog, just for fun

We also celebrated with all-you-can-eat sushi from a place down the street. Luke loved it, but I'm not convinced that fish is ever a good idea. They have fantastic fried rice and potstickers, though. This was my fortune from the end of the night. 

Happy birthday, Lukas!

Work was super busy for me this month, so I made a little reminder. I'm not sure if it helped, but it did make me smile. 

I also had my first spa facial in May! I live just a few blocks from the Aveda school, and figured that I try out a reduced cost treatment. It was the best thing ever. Super relaxing, and very affordable. 

Work's been crazy - we're shipping, which takes up most of my work day - and so I haven't had a ton of time for reading or doing other fun things. I worked on my quilt for a little while, and I'm pretty much caught up now. And that's May!

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