Just Because

Reasons why life is awesome right now:

1. It's still summer!! The weather is gorgeous, and not quite as hot as it has been the past few months.

2. I found a place to live! I know longer have to stress about being homeless.

3. I got my first email from someone on the TMA faculty. Granted, it was to tell me that there's like 50 things I need to get (which equals dollars that I don't have), but it was exciting all the same.

4. Friends are going to start moving back to Provo!!! Freshman year friends, Breanne, and friends from just a few months ago are all coming back, and I'm excited to see them all and catch up with them.

5. Classes start in a few weeks! I canNOT wait to start classes geared towards my major.

Life is good, my friends. Life is good.

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