Re: Goals

Back in January I set some New Year's Resolutions. I think the time as come to check up on myself, and see how I'm doing on them.

1. Exercise 3 times a week, for about half an hour.
            -Well, sometimes I do better than others. But I haven't gotten in a steady routine yet. Consensus:  keep working on this one.
2. Study my scriptures every day
             -I'm slipping every once in a while, but overall I think I'm doing not too shabby. But still, I need to work to be better at this.
3. Write in my journal more often.
              -Yes! This I can say yes to! I have started journalling again. I'm still catching up from last semester, but I'm working on it! I just have to keep it up.
4. Learn something new
         -I'm still taking that guitar class.
5. Have more spontaneous adventures.
          -I am having quite enough spontaneous adventures, thank you. Pirates, anyone?

Overall verdict: keep working, Ashleigh. You'll get there someday.

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