Oh Heavens, Where to Begin?

I've got so many thoughts, so many ideas bouncing around in my head, I don't even know where to start. Today is one of those days where I feel like I should stay home and write all day. I have so much writing to catch up on. I'm so far behind in my journals (yes, I have more than one), and I have so many story fetuses in my brain that want to get borned. There were so many things I wanted to get accomplished today, but I haven't.

Alright. I can't think of any better way to organize my thoughts and this blog than by numbering them, and starting at the top. Bear with me, friends.

1. I got out of class early today! I usually 2.5 hour long class, that begins at 8:30am, was finished by 9:15. I came home, did some work, the kind where I get paid, and now want to be artistic for the rest of the day. Guitar class tonight will help with that. Nutrition won't.

2. Speaking of nutrition....I have an online quiz to take today. I should get on that.....

3. I've had the most interesting conversation with Ashley this afternoon. We've been talking about religion and the Gospel, as we usually do. Today we started talking about the Fall, and how Adam and Eve didn't sin, and what that means for us. After a few more twists and turns, we began talking about angels, which lead to a discussion of John, and how he's still on the earth, and what we would ask him. Which turned into a conversation about pre-mortal life and the veil. We started talking about who we knew when we were in heaven, who we might have been friends with. Like I said, most interesting. Lots of things I've never thought of before, and lots of things I thought that only I had been thinking of.

4. I want to write. I want to be a writer, write all day, and get paid for it. I still don't know how to accomplish this goal while being a student, and not having large blocks of time to just sit and write. See, my idea of writing means getting up early, going on a walk, stopping at a park, and while surrounded by nature, writing everything that comes into your head. Yes, it's a very romantic notion. But then again, I am a Romantic.

5. I want a sewing machine. I want to make beautiful things for my home, and decorate it with vintage furniture that I restore myself. I want a home. I want it to be a small apartment, preferably in London, New York, or Boston, with a fantastic view of downtown.

6. My goal: be proficient enough to play my guitar outside on campus, in the sun, while sitting on the grass, and not have people laugh at my insufficiency of skill.


  1. 3. I've been having lots of good convos like that lately, and they always make me so happy. We need to keep it up!

    4. You've crossed over to my world. I'm sorry, it's a disease. Writing on the bus and having people crane their neck to see what you're doing is also fun, btw.

    5. Yes.


  2. sounds like some good goals. i want to learn the guitar too! and write! but i have no idea what to write about. :(