Koreans, Gravity, and God's Love

So, this was a little while ago, but I really wanted to share it. I was talking with my good friend D. the other day after class, and somehow (probably because we go to BYU), we got on the topic of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We had worked it into another topic strand, and continued with our rapidly changing conversation, but not before the phrase "the Church is TRUE!" was uttered. We thought nothing of it, and continued our conversation.

Apparantly we were overheard by an almost middle aged man, who may or may not have been Korean. He seemed interested in this proclamation of truth, and asked us what we had meant about the Church being true. I kindly let D. field this question (as he just got back from a mission and is skilled in such matters). No matter how he would answer this man's questions, it never seemed to be enough for him. He kept asking us how we knew it was true, when we had no proof. Now, I have proof. I have found it myself. But I'm not (and I'm sure D. wasn't) going to share my personal conversion story with a stranger who just wants to create contention. He eventually deemed the situation to be "hostile" and left before we could explain to him that is was HIS fault the situation was hostile. I mean, he barged into OUR conversation, and accused US and wouldn't listen what we had to say. Oh well.

Since then, I've been thinking about what I should've/could've said to him that would have helped him understand, and realize why you don't always need to have tangible evidence of something that is true. Like gravity. You can't have some gravity. You can't get it at the mall, or order it off ebay, or borrow a cup from your neighbor. You've been taught about it at school, and there are certain laws you must follow. But you don't really believe in it, until you drop something, or an apple falls out of a tree and hits you on the head. For me, the gospel is like that. I wasn't there in the Sacred Grove with Joseph Smith. I've never had an angel come to me, or seen a heavenly vision. But I have felt the Holy Ghost. I can feel God's love for me. I can feel how living the gospel changes my life. Just like I can feel it when an apple hits me on the head.

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  1. wow. I am very impressed by your chinese. haha. i couldn't read one of the ones but i guessed it. lol