Monday Morning Idealism

As always, there's lots on my mind. The one nugget I'll share happens to be about The Golden Rule. You know, the one they teach you in kindergarten, about treating others how you would want to be treated.  Stop and think about it. It's seems so simple, doesn't it? Think about how it would be to have everyone treat you the way you'd ideally like to be treated. Back rubs all the time, people bringing you presents, etc, etc. Now stop. Now, think about everyone else who wants to be treated that way. Would you be willing to be the one handing out backrubs? To constantly deliver presents? That's a lot to ask. 

So we'll take it down a few notches. Everyone wants to be smiled at, right? To feel welcome and wanted. To know that people care about them. Those are easy things to do. So why don't we do them more often? Why aren't we always smiling and telling people how glad we are to see them? Not to get all Miss America-like, but think how much better the world would be, if we all treated everyone the way we'd like to be treated.  Things would be so much better. 

Just my idealism coming to you this Monday morning. 

1 comment:

  1. well, not to be a jerk or anything, haha, but I don't really want back rubs and presents. ^^

    but I do like the stuff in the second paragraph. I don't mind that. And thanks for reminding. I will write this down for this week.