Hello readership. 

Have I ever shared with you how much I love being a writer? I love being inspired. I love the thoughts, ideas, and impressions I have when just doing anything. I love how a scene will just pop into my head. and I love that anything can inspire me. My inspiration comes from so many places. 

Like, for instance, I saw this guy who was skateboarding, and had his dog with him. I loved that, and he's now one of my many characters. Certain patterns on scrapbooking paper can make me feel a certain way, or give me a mood to work off of.  Whenever I listen to a song, I imagine a music video that goes along with it. I get ideas in the shower all the time. I think about things as I drive to work. I look at pictures I've taken. I have pictures, quotes, and all sorts of mementos around my writing space. 

I love being inspired. 

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