Thoughts on a Rainy Day

Today would be perfect if I was watching the rain from my flat in London, and eating chocolate coated biscuits. 

I read a lot of blogs. I hope that the people are just as awesome in real life as I imagine them to be. 

If the husband is in school, and you have a baby, should the mother be working in order to afford that Kindle? 

Cupcakes are delicious. 

I bought hazelnut creamer for my hot chocolate. I should use that. 

Perhaps I should write more about what's going on in my life. 

What's Going on in My Life 
School is well. I'm behind in my writing class. I took a physical science midterm and did really well. I have another midterm next week that I'm worried about. 

Luke and I went on a group date last night. We made banana boats and watched Signs. I forgot how much I enjoy a Shamalan movie. Then the four of us went and got smoothies at McDonald's. You may scoff, but they are most delicious. Luke is my favourite date. 

Luke and I also ate at a new resteraunt in town, @12. It's a Chinese place, which you wouldn't guess from the name. But it's really delicious. They have tangerene chicken, which is a nice change from all the orange chicken options here in the Valley. 

I wanted to run in the Halloween 5K race, but I haven't trained at all. So that might not happen. 

Lately I've been eating too much candy. Like Runts. Why must they be so delicious? 

Is anyone still reading? 

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  1. I guess I am still reading. (your neighborhood family stoker) I didn't know you had a flat in London? Is this a double life I know nothing of? If not, maybe we need to talk a little more often. That really wouldn't be too hard, and since luke is so busy we could just talk to each other. Have another good day in London, invite me along some time.