The Social Network

So, I've been thinking. I'm thinking of deleting my Facebook account.  Why? 

1. It wastes time. 
2. I got it to keep in touch with college friends, not high school people I barely knew and never talk to, random friends of friends who act hurt if you don't accept their friend requests, and family members who only use it to stalk me, rather than talking to me and developing a relationship. 
3. It's no longer just a "social networking" site. The games and apps make it juvenile. 

Those are my main reasons for now. But the more I think about it, the more I think that I really don't need it or want it anymore. 


  1. yes, all your points are valid. I support you in your endeavor!

  2. I am random family and I do use it to stalk you, but never post myself. So in a way I don't want you to delete it, how else can I stalk you? on second thought are we even friends? I haven't checked lately. I guess I better waste some more time and go do that!!!