Resolutions, of Sorts

I have tried and tried to write this post. It's about resolutions. I'm having a hard time with them. Partly because I don't like the word "resolution".  To me, it sounds like "absolute", so once I change, I'm stuck that way. So I thought I'd set some goals. But I'm so far from the person I want to be, that I'd categorized and organized my life as if it were a college course. And I don't want my life to be like that. 

Then I thought I would find inspiration by puddling around online, seeing what how my friends and other blogggers were setting up their resolutions. It seems as though every one is making 2012 the year to change everything about their lives. I decided I just want to enjoy it.  So I made some goals to help me live this year to the fullest. 

* try one new restaurant a month
* do more yoga and increase my flexibility
* eat healthier and more natural food 
* write in my journal more often
* go on a vacation with Luke (somewhere we can take the train) 
* take more photographs
* take some online classes, to stay sharp 
* submit some writing to film festivals 

All I really want is a fun year with lots of memories. So a year from now, I can look back at all the good times.

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