2014 Year In Review

Last year was quite a year. From moving across the country to starting a new job, it's been an intense 12 months. 

Luke and I celebrated New Years in Provo before heading off to New York City. We had a great time exploring the Big Apple, visiting the NYPL, walking around Central Park, and seeing the sites before heading home.

We came back to Provo at the end of March. We settled in, and finally started unpacking and setting up in our new apartment. Luke geared up for spring classes, and I applied for a new job. After two successful interviews, I started working at Owlet as an office manager. It's been a huge learning experience, and I enjoy working there.

Summer was very busy, and super fun. It started with my first smartphone (and thus my first selfie) We went up to Bear Lake, then travelled on to Waterton. We made another trip back to the lake when my family came down, and all the in-laws hung out together. Basically, summer was awesome.

Fall was quiet. Luke worked hard to finish up his last undergraduate class, and I got into a good rhythm at work. I talked about hosting a Canadian thanksgiving, but that didn't happen. Instead, my parents came down at the start of November for my cousin's wedding.

The year ended in a rush as Luke finished his class and graduated!! Things got busy at work, but everything got wrapped up before we headed out to celebrate Christmas with our families.

2014 was full of lots of travel and lots of family. I can only hope for the same for 2015.

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