Trendy Things I Hate

Disembodied mustaches - seriously, this trend can die. Mustaches are cool on old cowboys, Harley drivers, and my dad. That is all. A felt one on a stick so you can take a dumb engagement photo? Stupid. Made of chocolate on top of my cupcake? Sure, I'll eat it {because it's chocolate}, but it's also very stupid. On a pacifier for my baby? Are you an idiot?

Homemade DIY Everything, even when it costs more and takes more time to make it yourself things - for reals, there is no point to homemade shaving cream when it involves 4 "ingredients" and 20 minutes. Just buy the shaving cream! How much is it, like $2? Also, it suddenly isn't "natural" shaving cream if you're using dollar store hair conditioner, just because you made it yourself. 

"Pops" - mostly cake pops or cookie pops. It's a mini-mini cupcake. I need, like, 10 of them in order to feel satisfied. Plus, the sticks are always sooooo  long, and the little morsel at the end falls off before I can eat it. 


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