NYC: Week 6

Halfway there! Here's how I spent the week...

Monday: I spend the day being a professional, and sorted out my work problems. Go me! I {finally} got paid! 

Tuesday: The closest Starbucks is just a few blocks away. I walked down and spent a few hours working. Fun fact: they have the best chocolate chip cookies! 

Wednesday: Yet another arctic chill came through. Since it was super cold, I opted to stay home and watch the Olympics

Thursday: I finally got around to refilling my metro card, meaning I was back to going out and running errands. Grocery shopping at Target, then lunch with Luke at Pret a Manger. After lunch, we went in search of a thrift store - he wanted to find a used computer to use at work. We didn't find it, but we did go on a fun adventure around the Garment district. 

Friday: Worked out some more work problems. Luke came home late, and neither of us felt like going out, so we ordered chinese takeout. I love living near places that deliver! 

Saturday: Luke wanted to put in a few hours of work, so I went out thrift shopping without him. The shops were a dud (mediocre clothing for NYC prices), but I got to walk around the city for a few hours. I started in the East Village, walked up to Union Square, past the Flat Iron building, the Empire State building, then headed up a few more blocks to Luke's work. In total, I walked 3 miles from start to finish. For dinner, we went to Shake Shack, which was super crowded and pretty tasty. On the way home, I found a cute little bakery (Baked by Melissa), which makes the cutest mini cupcakes.

Sunday: I was feeling sick, so we just stayed home and enjoyed each other's company. We watched the Olympic closing ceremonies, which was awesome and sad at the same time. I love the Olympics. 

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