Roosevelt Island

A few weeks ago, there was a weekend of nice weather. Taking advantage of it, we went out to explore Roosevelt Island. I hadn't heard of this little spot until we got here. Between Queens and Manhattan is a little island. And I mean little. While it has several apartment buildings, two parks, and a few restaurants, you can walk across the island in about 5 minutes. We walked the majority of the perimeter in about an hour and a half, including stops for picture taking and admiring. 

The best thing about Roosevelt Island is getting there. You can take the subway via the R train, but there's a better way. If you're in Manhattan, you can use your metro card to ride the cable car across the river to get to the island. It takes about 10 minutes, and it gives a great view of the city. It's too bad you can't take cable cars all over the city. 

View from the cable car. That's Manhattan on the left and Roosevelt Island on the right.

Halfway there! 

 Facing south on the Queens side of the island.

Spot the boat ^

On the north end of the island, there's a lighthouse. This was as close as we could get because they'd blocked it off. 

Watching the sun set over lower Manhattan.

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