NYC: Week 7

Monday: After a nice weekend, the temperature dropped quite a bit, so I spent the day working and hiding inside from the cold. I'm always amazed at how cold it feels even if the temperature is only a few degrees below freezing. I'm not used to a humid cold, even though it's been two months.  

Tuesday: I went and got groceries in the morning, then went into The City to have lunch with Luke. We went to a little Italian place called Pomodoro, which was super good. Afterwards, I was going to go home, but then I decided to go on an adventure instead. After a few train transfers, I made it to The Strand bookstore. It's huge! Three levels, and there are rows and rows of shelves on every floor. I spent almost two hours just browsing around. All was well until I was waiting for the train. I saw rats #2-4. Yuck.  

Wednesday: Lunch with Luke again! This time, we just went to Subway. Afterwards, I went shopping at Old Navy and H&M for a new coat. They both had a bunch of cute clothes, but no coats warm enough to combat the cold snaps that just won't stop.

Thursday: You guessed it, cold again. For once, I'm actually missing Utah weather.  When it's cold, I really don't want to go outside, but I made myself go out for a quick walk around the block.

Friday: I ran some errands in the morning, but by the time I thought of something fun to do, it was nearly dark. So no adventures today.

Saturday: We had a huge adventure today. We went out and walked around Rockefeller Center. For lunch we stopped at a food truck and had hot dogs. We walked down to Central Park and spent a few hours walking around. We saw ducks, giant bubbles, and cool archways, and only made about a third of the way through.  

Sunday: I made Luke watch the Oscars with me. It was quite entertaining. I like Ellen as a host. 

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