NYC: Week 9

Our time in NYC is winding down. But the weather is warming up, so I finally feel like I can go out and explore. Here's how I spent the last 7 days 

Monday: Once again, the start of the week starts with chores. I cleaned the apartment and went off to Target for groceries. With our time here winding down, I didn't buy too much. Most of Luke's co-workers were out of the office today, so he took the day off. We went down the road to try a new burger place, and then I dragged Luke along to get the groceries. 

Tuesday: The weather is finally starting to feel like spring! It's still a bit chilly, but not nearly as bad as it was. I went into the city to meet Luke for lunch. We ended up just getting sandwiches at Subway. Afterwards, I dragged all our laundry down the block. I'm really hoping that this is the last time I have to do laundry while we're here (but I think I might need to go one more time next week).

Wednesday: Today was so nice, I didn't need a coat! It was fantastic! To enjoy the weather, I took the subway all the way down to Greenwich Village (it's around a 40 minute ride). I walked around for a while before heading to Washington Square Park. I LOVE the Village. It's an older part of the city, so the buildings aren't quite as tall. The people seem more off-beat, which also means that they seem more friendly. If we were gonna live in NYC for a while, I think this is the neighbourhood I'd want to live in. 

Thursday:  After thinking on this for a while, I decided to sign up for an embroidery club that's hosted by my favourite crafting blogger. So I went out to pick up supplies. Trying to find a craft store within a reasonable distance is kind of tricky (all the good ones are out in Brooklyn, sadly), but I found one only a few stations away. Despite the rainy weather, and getting a bit turned around, I found a Michael's. Go me! 

Friday: To get ready for my project, I also needed a bit of fabric. I found a pretty good fabric shop in Chelsea, and got what I needed. I also found a few thrift stores, and poked around a bit. I don't usually have much luck thrifting, and that's continued to be the case out here. Average stuff is marked up way more than I think it's worth. Oh well. 

Saturday: Luke's been working so hard the entire time we've been here. It finally caught up to him, and he felt pretty sick today. Instead of going out, we just spent the day at home while he recovered. We did order in Chinese food. Getting food delivered is a serious perk of living here. 

Sunday: Sunday's are our quiet days, so I don't have any good stories. We did make cookies, though! We don't have any bowls, so I had to mix the dough up in a soup pot. 

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