A Mid-Winter's Day Run

I'm crazy.  It's okay if you think so, too; one of my new year's goals is to get back in shape. I want to focus more on flexibility and yoga and that sort of thing, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to boost my cardio workouts, too.  So today I went on a run. 

I've never been a very good runner. In elementary school we had to run cross country trails for gym class (which I always hated).  Then in junior high, we had track and field day, which we would spend months preparing for. High school "phys ed" had timed runs, and those were the worst. But those were all forced upon me.  Today, I brought it upon myself.  

During college, I've had various delusions that running would actually be a good thing. And for a while, it was. I'd run a few blocks and feel pretty good. I would like to point out that all my running previous to today was on flat sidewalks. Turns out that when I moved a few months ago, my new house is secretly part of the Appalachian mountain range. So naive little me starts out, and encountered hills for the first time since grade 3. 

My legs are like cooked spaghetti.  And it hurts to cough. Stupid hills. 

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