Because the Last Two Days Have Been Really Great

Sunday: Luke and I spend our first week teaching in nursery. It went better than expected because we had help. And less kids than there usually are. No one threw any toys, and there was only one case of partial nudity. A lot of shoes were taken off, however.  Later we got together with some friends and had a great time. 

Monday: I actually woke up on time and managed to make Luke a lunch before sending him off to school/work. Sometimes I'm actually a good wife. And I even actually cleaned our apartment. Not that it ever is really dirty, I just don't clean every day. So things kind of pile up.   We also have these movable closets that we set up to divide our apartment in half (since we live in a studio and there are no walls....).  Their backs were facing our living room and were made of this awful cardboard/wood combination. So yesterday we covered them up with "wall paper", also known as wrapping paper. Which works really well as wall paper, in case anyone wanted to know. So now our room looks classy, and not so awkward. 

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