Things the Professional Bloggers Don't Want You to Know About Cupcakes

I took this. You can see a bit of my house in the background. 

1. You can make perfectly fine cupcakes with a boxed mix. Just mix it a little longer and it'll be extra fluffy. 
2. Make sure you have enough cupcake liners. If you don't, don't overfill other liners to compensate. Because then, you have mega-cakes that spill on the bottom of your oven. 
3. Be careful when taking pans out of the oven. Otherwise you'll stick your thumb in the middle of a cupcake and ruin it. 
4. Frosting, no matter what recipe you use, will not work out in your favour. It will be too sweet and too buttery and will separate. 
5. Don't overfrost your cupcakes. Otherwise you will look at them, and go into a diabetic coma. 
6. Be careful of the bowl you use to make said frosting. Don't EVER use a shallow one, unless you want your entire kitchen dusted with icing sugar. 

Results of sugar explosion. 

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