FIT Museum

My new friend K. and I decided that we wanted to do some sightseeing. But since it was still so cold, we opted to do something indoors. We decided to go to the Fashion Institute of Technology Museum. It's small, but admission is free. 

Their current exhibit is called Trend-ology. It sounded kind of boring, but it actually was pretty cool. I loved seeing outfits that used to be the most stylish fashions of their time. Some of them even looked like they could be worn today {Chanel really knows how to tailor a suit}. It was a smaller exhibit than I was expecting, but my friend and I enjoyed it, and we spend about an hour there before heading out to lunch.

Here are a few of my favourites, shared from the Museum at FIT's website {since photography wasn't allowed}. 

All photos courtesy of MFIT via

 Shawl created in the town of Paisley, Scotland. {1820-1850}

Black wool twill designed by Jaques Fath {1947}

Turquios silk satin evening dress by Christian Lacroix {1988}

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