NYC: Week 4

I know, guys. I'm super, super behind. And I haven't even been doing that much. I just got cold during the superfreeze (what I'm choosing to call the storm after the polar vortex) and didn't want to do anything except hide under blankets. So here's what I did our fourth week in The City. 

Monday: Did a load of laundry, went out to dinner with Luke at the Georgia Diner, and then bought him some pants at Target.

Tuesday: I did some work in the morning, then did a deep clean of our house in the afternoon. Our apartment gets dirty quickly here. Not like, cluttered, but actual dirt. If I don't sweep every other day, the floor gets pretty gritty. 

Wednesday: I went out with the other wives for lunch. We had a really great time and ate some really good pizza. It was all the way on the Upper East Side, so it took about an hour to get there, and then an hour back. Which doesn't seem like it's a big deal, but when you've got three kids who are out past nap time, things can get a little crazy. 

Thursday: Groceries and laundry again. Yay! Not every day is glamorous. 

Friday: I spent the day bumming around at home. In the evening, I went into the city and we had dinner with our friends at another diner (there's a lot of them out here, okay? And they have really awesome extensive menus). They had the best risotto. Also, black and white milkshakes are awesome! I always thought they'd be just so-so. They're just chocolate and vanilla, but man! So good!

Saturday: Luke put in a few hours of work today, so I met him in The City for dinner. Just a block away from his office is this great restaurant. It's called Wok to Walk, and it's awesome! It's like a Mongolian grill, but more Japanese style. It's probably my favourite place so far. Afterwards, we tried to go to Serendipity for dessert, but there was a line, and it was cold. So we walked down the block and went to Dylan's Candy Bar. We didn't get any candy, but we had fun wandering around. We got ice cream before leaving, and it was super delicious. 

Sunday: We went in for church, and then spent a relaxing afternoon at home. Tonight was also the night that The Beatles tribute aired on TV. Yes, I love The Beatles. Yes, it was awesome. Yes, I might have cried a little at the awesomeness. 

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