Grand Central Station

Seriously, living in NYC is so much colder than I thought it would be. So all of my sightseeing has to be done indoors. That makes Grand Central perfect, since the only time you have to go outside is when you walk to your subway stop. 

So you know how when you think of Grand Central, you think of that large room, and people are walking everywhere? When you first arrive via the subway, it doesn't look like that at all. In fact, it looks just like any other dingy subway stop. Once you get closer to being above ground, it starts to look a little nicer. 

It's a bit blurry,  I know. But considering how big the room is, and how dimly it's lit, I figure this is pretty good. This one's a little better...

They're celebrating 100 years of the station being in use, thus the window decorations. And of course, the famous clock. 

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